Find chemical systems such as pure and mixed
solvents by specifying a property value range.

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About ThermoML

ThermoML is an XML-based IUPAC standard for thermodynamic property data [1]. The open-access ThermoML Archive represents thermophysical and thermochemical property data
for chemical compounds and mixtures. These data are organized in ThermoML files that correspond to articles published in five major physicochemical and engineering journals [2].

The goal of ChemRange is to access these precise and in detail annotated data within task-specific contexts. The ChemRange property value search tool has been designed to mine chemical systems specified via property value range. The listed results include links to the original and ThermoML documents.



[1] IUPAC: ThermoML - An XML-based IUPAC Standard for Thermodynamic Property Data [].
[2] TRC Group: ThermoML Representation of Published Experimental Data [].

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