Graphene is a carbon allotrope. A CurlySMILES notation for graphene is composed from the SMILES notation of a carbon atom and a shape and state annotation:
Instead of the SSAM sd, other annotation markers like cr or tf can be used, depending on focus and context.
Stoichimetric graphene derivates are encoded by applying the SFN format to specify composition and appending an annotation to supply a common name. Examples are the fully hydrogenated graphene, graphane [1], and the fully fluorinated graphene, fluorographene [2]:
{*CH}{sdchn=graphane} {*CF}{sdchn=fluorographene}
graphane fluorographene
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doi: 10.1103/PhysRevB.75.153401
[2] R. R. Nair et al.: Fluorographene: A Two-Dimensional Counterpart of Teflon.
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