Thin solid films are encoded by appending the state and shape annotation {tf} to the notation of a solid. A gold thin film is encoded as [Au]{tf}. A cadmium telluride thin film is encoded as {*CdTe}{tf}.
A film interface or substrate is specified within the {tf} annotation. The notation
encodes a nanocrystalline Fe2TiO5 thin film on a Si(100) surface.
The notation
encodes a lanthanum-doped Bi4Ti3O12 thin film, employing a miscellaneous interest annotation to specify the dopant.
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[1] A. Drefahl: CurlySMILES: a chemical language to customize and annotate encodings of molecular and nanodevice structures. J. Cheminf. 2011, 3:1; doi: 10.1186/1758-2946-3-1.

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