Bibscope example for a reference to a patent

[John1998] T. V. John, G. L. Larson and C. S. Subramaniam. Process for producing cyanoformate esters. United States Patent: 5,852,207; assignee: Creanova Inc.; December, 22, 1998.
The following code example illustrates the use of bibscope to mark up this patent reference:
<td itemscope="itemscope"
..<span itemprop="inventor">T. V. John, G. L. Larson and
....C. S. Subramaniam
..<span itemprop="title">Process for producing cyanoformate
..United States Patent:
..<span itemprop="patent-number">5,852,207</span>;
..assignee: <span itemprop="assignee">Creanova Inc.</span>;
..<span itemprop="month">December</span>
..<span itemprop="day-of-month">22</span>,
..<span itemprop="year">1998</span>.
The semantically annotated text parts are captured via span elements. In each case, the itemprop attribute specifies the contained text. All elements with annotated text are siblings of the td element—the parent, of which. the itemtype attribute identifies the microdata-structured entry as a bibscope-encoded patent reference.

Vocabulary author: Axel Drefahl
Latest update: January 10, 2015
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